About The Logo

The inspiring logo of Kalakaarula Ikya Vedika(KIV) was designed by Mr. A.S.Raja Rao, a fine artiste from hindupur keeping in mind the dream and vision of the organisation, heralding Kalakaarula Ikya Vedika(KIV)’s new dimension and dynamism for ancient forms of art in the modern world. The logo has 3 distinct parts:

  • The WHEEL
  • The PEETAM or the base.

‘The NATARAJA or the DANCING SHIVA’ is (considered the father of arts in Indian mythology) is one the central elements. His one leg on the ground indicates his supreme authority over arts, where as his second leg pointing towards the sky means eternity or seamlessness of art. His dance is accompanied by traditional Indian instruments like the flute, drums, violin, etc which depicts the art of music.

The WHEEL along with its spokes indicates the “Renaissance of art”. The circular shape of the wheel indicates eternity as the wheel symbolises ‘movement and progresses. So there is no stagnation of arts but only development. The spokes of the wheel resemble the rays of the sun, emerging from lord NATARAJA warding off the darkness. These rays symmetrically scatter in all directions indicating equality and development of all arts. The name of our organisation is engraved around the wheel indicating the responsibility undertaken by our organisation to protect and develop all art forms.

The PEETAM or the base is the third part. Right at the top in the PEETAM is a row of 64 small squares representing the 64 arts mentioned in the VEDAS. The dancers in very challenging and attractive poses form the next tier of the PEETAM. Further down is the big elephant in the center representing King KRISHNADEVA RAYA and on his either sides are 8 elephants representing his eight great court poets (ASTA DIGAJALU) who have rendered their contribution to literature. The intricate LEPAKSHI designs are incorporated into the PEETAM enhancing its beauty. The weight of the peetam is carried by VAASTUPURUSHA and PADMINIJAATHI shree (perfect man and woman) meaning that the responsibility of carrying art into future generations is on mankind.

About Dr. A.S.Raja Rao - Author, Artist, Playwright

Retired Professor in Commerce & Management Studies


Born on 24th April 1942, Dr. A.S. Raja Rao, had his early education at Gudur, Vellore District.

He did his Masters in Commerce and Law and PhD on India’s Foreign Trade in 1970’s.

He served as a Lecturer in Commerce for 35 years and was promoted reader in 1986. He was Professor in M.S. Ramiah Institute of Management.

A self taught artist, he participated in art exhibitions, in Hindupur, Anantapur and Bangalore. One of his oil paintings was presented to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Ex-Prime Minister of India, in 1966. It is kept in Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi.