KIV - Committee


Dr. Vijay Krishna Naresh - President

Born in a film family, Dr. Naresh with 120 films to his credit (and still  counting), was attracted towards films and entertainment at a very early  age, starting with stage with the influence of his Guru, Jandhyala, an  Indian film screenwriter, director and actor from Telugu Cinema.  His  grandfather, RAM MOHAN was the chief engineer (audio – visual) of three  theatres in Chennai in the 1940s and 50s. His mother VIJAYA NIRMALA, a living legend is an inspiration to  womanhood. As versatile actress who started her career in seventh year  she went on to do more than 200 films as heroine in three languages  (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam).  Adding more feathers of glory to her hat,  she turned into a film direction and a producer. She directed 42 films  and holds the guineas book of world records for being the only woman in  the world to have directed 42 feature films and produced nearly thirty  films. She stands winner of several awards including the coveted  RAGHUPATHY VENKIAH AWARD. Chennai, the place where Naresh spent his early years, has a great  influence on him. His peers and friends were not just successful  youngsters from the film fraternity, but a blend. A blend that gave him a  wide exposure to see the best of the film world and also understand the  daily life of artistes who were gifted with talent but waiting upon  opportunities. He firmly believes that a true artist thrives on dignity, and that begins at home.

* Due poor economic circumstances, a stage legend's spouse was forced to  do domestic work, to make the ends meet. Witnessing this heart moving  incident, set Naresh thinking. Here is how the Kalakaarula Ikya  Vedika(KIV) movement began with rapid strides, pledging to identify and  fulfil every neglected need of an artiste. * 

Muni Krishna Reddy - Vice-President

Social Activist, from Chittoor district Madanapally, who has been successfully running Bharatha Muni Awards in AP. 

Babji - Secretary

An Upcoming film director, writer and Nandi Award Winner (AP State Award) is also a social-activist, with his roots firmly grounded to art and the art fraternity.

P.Shobalatha - Treasurer

A social-activist, Shobalatha is a make- up artist by profession - A  torch bearer - the first lady make-up artist from India. She also bears  the responsibility of being the Elected Treasurer of the APTV chamber of  commerce. She is a winner of 4 Nandi awards and several other state  awards. She wears the crown having 2 pages dedicated to her  accomplishments, featuring amongst the 100 greatest women of AP in  Volga's Womenscape.

Besta Srinivas - Secretary

A Social activist and a silk weaver by profession, Besta Srinivas has  dedicated his life towards rejuvenation of art, through Kalakaarula  Aikya Vedika (KIV).

Anjali Puranam - Director - Promotions & Fund Raising

Born in a family of film makers, Anjali Puranam is Web marketing  consultant by profession.  She also heads this small initiative called  Extra Class, which is a group of art/media professional & college  alumni members trotting from campus to campus inspiring, guiding and  mentoring new kids on the block by facilitating guest lectures,   workshops & career counselling.

Naveen Kumar - Director

Naveen Kumar is a young and dynamic, most sought after editor in the  Telugu film industry. He is a promising (upcoming) actor, adding to his  philanthropy focussed to art and artistes. While his heritage gives him a deep rooted passion for art, his dynamism  brings into Kalakaarula Aikya Vedika (KIV), the freshness of futuristic  thoughts and ideas.