KIV's Goals

Short term goals

  • Providing these members basic amenities for survival and revive their self esteem.
  • Providing them and their families with government identity cards, housing, life insurances, and medical facilities.
  • Providing them with income based on their art.
  • Sponsoring their equipment, costumes and events.
  • Sponsoring programs to felicitate artists for their contribution to art.
  • Creating a market for art and marketing these artists for their livelihood.

Long term goals

  • To effect the governmental policies in favor of art and artists by compelling the government to allocate sufficient percentage from the annual budgets towards development of art and artists nationally.
  • To build a university of arts in Anantapur District, not only encouraging local arts to flourish, but also for foreign students to study “ANANTA KALALU”.
  • To have an Artist’s Village in Anantapur District, & attract tourists & art lovers across the Globe.
  • Planning and execution of art festivals in Anantapur District.
  • To facilitate cross country cultural exchange student programs through the university thus spreading the glory of “ANANTA KALALU” across the globe.
  • Encompass corporate sector to aid the programs undertaken by Kalakaarula Aikya Vedika(KIV).
  • Evolve as a one stop solution to all issues related to art and artists of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh.

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