The Artiste's Hub

the cause

A community passionate about supporting, discussing, and sharing methods to bring bak to life the extinct forms of Anantapur District arts.

Kalakaarula Aikya Vedika(KIV) is a platform for converging, preserving and developing arts, and is a life-line for artiste thus bringing about a Renaissance of ART …

Our Organisation aphorizes to be "the banayan tree to artistes and art". Just as the banayan tree grows strong and sturdy in multi directions, we covet to play the role of a catalyst in expediting and enlivening Anantapur District’s cultural richness across the globe.

The banayan tree’s branches hang down to turn into its roots, which later turns into fresh trunk of the banayan tree. In the same manner, we Dream is to anchor the revival of the cultural heritage of King Krishnadevaraya’s rein (the golden era of art), by enduring the dying art forms of Anantapur District towards eternity (Ananta kalalu). Furthermore, we envision our organisation to not only revive and flourish the dying forms of art, but also to unearth and bring back to life the extinct forms of Anantapur District arts. This will result in resurrecting Anantapur District to be the capital on the cultural map of Andhra Pradesh, as was in the rein of king Krishnadevaraya.

We are on a mission to enable potential artistes focus with undivided time and energy on accomplishing their artistic goals, by providing them with basic amenities for living, self sustenance and contentment, so that their art is not bogged down to the pressures and struggle for basic survival... In short, just as the banayan tree is famous for its multi uses to mankind, our organisation aims at being a one stop solution to all the problems faced by artistes and art.