Where the Money Goes

  • Goes to the kitty for education of the artist children & regular medical camps.
  • Purchase and Maintenance of instruments, costumes, travel & logistics to encourage artiste who travel across the nation and globe to promote art.
  • Infrastructure for the Arts College
  • Development of Tourism linked to arts
  • Sponsoring cultural programs and art related programs
  • Conducting art training programs, competitions, workshops and other activities to encourage artistes
  • Felicitations of deserving artistes
  • Marketing the art and artistes by conducting art festivals
  • To create an old age home for artistes abandoned by their families
  • To promote writers and poets by publishing literature and conducting seminars
  • To create a relief fund for poor artistes families in the event t of sudden death
  • For providing old age pension to the poorest of poor artistes
  • To create an international standard arts-village in Anantapur District

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