President's Note

Vijay Krishna Naresh

Dr. Vijay Krishna Naresh Founder and Chairman

Greetings to all!

First of all I would like to applaud you for the interest you have shown in this website, thus art and artists on the whole. Let me share my experience in arts with you.

Born in a film family, I was attracted towards films and entertainment at a very early age. With film environment surrounding me, home became my first source of inspiration and learning. In my Forty years of journey as an artiste, I not only grew in stature as a film hero, then become a character artiste (Over 130 films) and won several awards and accolades, but also groomed to love, encourage and patronize various forms of art.

During a political movement, I happened to come to Raayalaseema. (the land that belonged to the great emperor Krishnadevaraaya.) All my life, I have been inspired by the emperor's life, his great administration, the economic splendor of his empire and his love and patronage towards various art forms. It is a belief that during his reign diamonds and other precious stones were sold on the streets... But what did I see in Raayalaseema? To my aghast ‘the once upon a time glory’ had turned into hunger and poverty.

Here is lack of food, water, shelter, clothing and all the basic necessities of life. Though the region is a backward area now, I soon realized that the spirit of the artistes in this region is still alive.... probably taking its last breath... artistes did perform, though they faced basic survival issues. I empathized with those artistes. My heart bled for the region and its lost cultural and economic glory.

Am I going let this region once upon a time a cultural capital of the nation die a cultural death? The artiste inside me could not let down art in its most shameful state. After 500 years of the great emperor’s rule, there was a blaring need for the ‘‘renaissance of art’’... I decided to adopt this region and do my bit as an artiste.

The result of this thought was the inception of my two NGOs:

  • Kalaakarula Ikya vedika, a platform for converging, preserving and developing arts and a life-line for artists.
  • Raayalaseema Vikasa Saadhana Samithi, a forum for the all round development of the region.

This note is my earnest plea to the citizens of my country, art lovers all over the world and global humanitarians to strengthened me and my NGOs, a multi-fold, by joining this movement, in not just bringing back the lost glory of the ‘once upon a time great empire’, but also to preserve, protect and connect the marvelous forms of art of this region to the world and the future generations.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Vijay Krishna Naresh
President, K.I.V and R.V.S.S