KIV Values

the cause

To strive to recognize & bring to light difference between an "age old culture driven performer" and an "also an artiste" by reiving art to be a livelihood.

Collective energy leads to higher efficiency, and better time management, better planning and highly goal driven execution.

Our NGO has real representation comprising of democratically elected board of members.

Board has a representation of every community making it a non communal organization.
A secular institution…. Art has no religion, no language or race.


  • We market art keeping in mind to strike the right balance between the aesthetic and commercial values of art.
  • We interface between artistes, sponsors, government and market to make sure that the interest of the artist is protected.
  • Work in partnership with Government, Art enthusiasts, public and private sectors makes sure that our reach is vast and at various levels.


  • We invest every single rupee collected into helping artistes
  • 100% Transparency - Disclose to the last rupee how the money has been invested
  • Grassroots initiatives – so that we reach the “most needy”

Communication Policy

  • Direct communication of the board of members with its members (artistes), donors and sponsors – no concept of middle man.

Scientific Rigor

  • Lead with a scientific, data and evidence driven approach to performance based on surveys and analysis.